Towing Services in Kern County and Southern San Joaquin Valley

About Us

Golden Empire Towing is your source for towing services in Kern County, Southern San Joaquin Valley, and surrounding areas. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and motor homes, our company puts our more than 26 years of experience and knowledge to work for you. With an affinity for quality and precision, we guarantee exact results with complete attention to detail. Our highly trained professionals work one-on-one with you to help you make sure that the vehicle being towed arrives safe and secure in a timely manner.

We Aim To Deliver Results That Exceed Your Expectations Each Time You Call On Us

Family-owned-and-operated, Golden Empire Towing offers a comprehensive selection of services, in addition to excellent care for both the vehicles and our customers. Our friendly staff consists of experienced drivers who offer the best in professional towing services. Using nylon straps to tie down the vehicles, our towing company ensures that you receive reliable service and quick response times. We have built strong client relationships, which are the foundation of our success.